Environmental Remediation at Lincoln Yards | RW Collins Co.

In partnership with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Sterling Bay and its joint venture partners have, at their own expense, successfully completed the following environmental cleanup efforts at Lincoln Yards, Chicago's 55-acre mixed-use development that will transform a former industrial wasteland into a welcoming riverfront community with public green space:

  • Removed 25,000 tons of soil contaminated with petroleum products and volatile organic compounds
  • Treated 200 cubic yards of hazardous lead soils to render non-hazardous
  • Removed and disposed of 30 underground storage tanks containing petroleum products
  • Recycled 200,000 gallons of petroleum impacted water and 30,000 tons of clean concrete

“Our environmental rehabilitation efforts at Lincoln Yards are making great progress in preparing the site for continued development,” said Andy Gloor, CEO. “This is a big undertaking as the land has been used for industrial purposes for over 100 years, but we’re committed to reversing the effects of the site’s previous use and transforming it into healthy, active open space that Chicagoans can enjoy for generations to come.”

For more information on the environmental remediation efforts being made at Lincoln Yards, view the press release below or visit www.LincolnYards.com

Press Release